Dunlop Media has offered follow-up training by phone for many years.  We are now also offering certain types of first-time training remotely, via GoToMeeting™ and Skype™.   It is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to get trained. 

No remote program yet available can match the effectiveness of the traditional, in-person training.  But the utility of new technology for conducting meaningful, secure online communications workshops has been evolving.  We have eliminated some serious obstacles that have made these types of trainings impractical in the past. 

Setting up a private remote session is simple.  Just click on the link below and fill out the online form.   We will respond with payment instructions and information for scheduling and logging into your online training. 

Your computer will need a broadband connection and a webcam.  Be prepared to take notes on paper. 

The coaching features online recording and live playback - so you can see as well as hear how you did (Skype required for the recording/playback).